A photography studio based in Porto, Portugal.

Anka Zhuravleva  Workshop 2 dias

Description and programme

Anka's 2-day workshop aims to inspire photographers to develop their work further, by boosting motivation and skills to create beautiful imagery.

Visit Anka's website to know more about her and her amazing work.

anka_workshop waat studio
Anka Workshop Waat Studio
Anka Workshop Waat Studio
anka workshop waat studio
anka workshop waat studio
Anka Workshop Waat Studio
anka workshop waat studio
anka workshop waat studio
Anka Workshop Waat Studio certificate

Day 1 – from 11h00 a.m. to 8h00 p.m.

Introduction (Location: Waat Studio)

Meet for tea and cookies, chat, get to know each other, share experiences, goals and desires in the field of photography. The participants express their desires in regard to what they would love to achieve and what do they want to learn during the 2-day workshop.


Theory (Location: Waat Studio)

Anka will talk about her vision of fine-art photo and will describe how she came up to the idea.

How to create a script, to draw sketches and to "brainstorm".  The diving into imagination, the development of ideas, the preparation of the processes, the right choice of a camera, the psychological aspects of the collaboration with the model, searching for the right point of view, the selection of clothes and props, locations, harmonization and integration of all of the above.

Useful tips about the technology are also provided - cameras, lenses, figure, film, workspace and tools.


Photoshoot practice (Location: outdoor or indoor location, depending on the weather conditions)

Part 1. Demonstration of Anka’s photoshoot | Going out to the location, making up one or two stories from the scratch. Participants will be observing, helping and learning.

Part 2. Participants practice under Anka’s guidance | 2 or 3 models, possibility to change props and clothes. Everyone will have the opportunity to get consultation and help during the photoshoot.


Day 2 - from 11h00 a.m. to 8h00 p.m. (Location: Waat Studio)

Portfolio-review (optional), discussion and assessment of the participant’s pictures taken on the previous day. 



  1. The theory of post-production.“Why and how”  inpost-production process of fine-artphotography. Colours on the examples of paintings, movies, etc- finding inspiration in the world’s art masterpieces. Finding your own style and colour vision.   
  2. Anka's photoshop technics in action.
  3. Making your picture technically perfect – picture framing and alignment, removing unwanted details, stretching and proportions changing.
  4. The proper colour usage as a way of affecting a viewer. Secrets of your raw files developing to achieve the better result.
  5. All Anka’s typical creative Photoshop tricks as faded colours, texturing, grain, adding a filmish effect. Different types of colour adjustment, colour pairs, theory of colours.
  6. Freckles, bright eyes, soft portrait retouching.

Answering all the questions.